More About the symposium


The PRAF (Puerto Rican Alliance of Florida - a non-profit 501(c)(3) company), in partnership with FIU (Florida International University) and the Puerto Rican Leadership Council of South Florida, are proud to present this never-before seen event in South Florida.


At the center of this effort is a research study of Puerto Ricans in Florida being conducted by FIU’s professors’ Dr. Eduardo Gamarra and Dr. Jorge Duany. (Click HERE for Bios). The study will provide insight as to where Puerto Ricans settled within the state, background on what brought them here, their future plans, and political inclinations. Equally important, it will provide robust data concerning the Puerto Rican diaspora’s movements and vital issues. 

The "Nuestro Futuro" Symposium will also lay out the groundwork for a comprehensive and strategic plan for civic engagement in Florida’s Puerto Rican community. The information garnered from our distinguished speakers and the research study will be used to find constituents to assist with housing and other public services, to professional associations looking for new membership, to increase voter participation, to support a grant proposal, or to businesses looking to network, recruit, and increase opportunities within the Puerto Rican community. 

Your entry to the Symposium will include:

1- Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch.

2-  Full-Day Parking (click here for location).

3- A copy of the "Nuestro Futuro" Study of Puerto Ricans in Florida by Dr. Eduardo Gamarra and  Dr. Jorge Duany.



· One Voice Working Towards One Purpose– Create an organizational platform that unifies Puerto Rican organizations and  promotes an environment of cooperation.

·  Provide financial aid to FIU students who were displaced by the Hurricanes through the Maurice A. Ferre Education Fund. 

·  Empower political, economic and civic participation through education, communications, community outreach, and social interaction. 

·  Develop a comprehensive "playbook" that will serve as a starting point in the development of a cohesive messaging strategy for organizing and connecting the Puerto Rican community.